Andres Behring Bervik
220px-Anders Behring Breivik
Andres's Facebook profile picture

Date of Birth

13 February 1979


FpU (Former), Freemasons, Knight's Templar




traffic violations, Murder, Conspiracy



Ethnic group




Political view



Winston Churchill, Max Manus, Geert Walters

Anders Behring Breivik (born 13 February 1979) is a wright-winged Farmer who is best known as being a suspect for the 2011 Norway Attacks

2011 Norway AttacksEdit

Main article: 2011 Norway Attacks Breivik was suspected as being a shooter at the shooting in Utøya Shooting part of the 2011 Norway Attacks and was related Oslo Bombing he was found with a police outfit and is suspected to have entered a Labour Party youth camp in Utøya and opening fire reportedly killing atleast 85.

Political ViewsEdit

Breivik was a former member of the youth Division of the Progress Party under the command of Ove Vanebo he used to be an active member in the early 2000's but quit in the year of 2007 because of his views becoming more extreme, he hates all Islam, Communisim, Liberalism, Immigration and Nazism and is Pro Israel and pro Gay, that might prove as a possible motive for his attacks.


Brevik enjoys Violent movies war-themed video games, Body building and Freemasonry, his favorate series is the American TV drama Dexter

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